Tempest Rising

Chapter 1


It seemed like a normal sunrise. You could trust the waves to carry you to the shore. No warning signs. Serene and calm she rose from her sleep. ‘Being conscious is what creates more turbulence in me’, she thought. She was the Fish, the queen of the seven seas, ruler of the underworld, the ether in the space of dreams. She was Bella.


There lying in a tender soft body in an Upper west side apartment in New York City was her unbounded mind. As everyday, she again found herself on the interface between a dream and reality. But no dreams today sweet jelly! Today was a big day! She passed her PhD qualifiers like a knife through butter. She always knew she could do this. It was her life goal after all. To be better than what she was. To be smarter. To be resourceful. She knew she was so much more, if only words were more enough!

She wanted to work with Prof Badden. Not because he was cute and she liked his research (he was, terribly!), but because he was the sweetest and smartest of all of them in the Chemical engineering department at Columbia. She was heartbroken about the fact that he could not possible accept one because of scanty funding. Prof Marqui was her second choice. She was a kind lady, swift, adept and oh so efficient! But Mrs Marqui disliked math. Lol. ‘I think I’m already smarter than her’, Bella thought. ‘No, I’m not being sexist! I just think I need to work under someone better than me, that’s all.’, she explained herself. Oh Bells! who is left for you now?

A certain Prof Rutherford.




The Scorpio Sting

Chapter 5

Bella spent the whole night and the next few days thinking about whether to put Arthur on the list or no. Every time Arthur’s face would come up in her mind, she would feel terribly embarrassed. ‘What was he thinking? What did he mean? I cannot get him at all! If this is going to be the case I better put his name in the 3rd place.’

And that’s what she did. His name was last on the list. She hoped she would get prof Marquie or Prof Badden. She lived on hope. The next few days our dear Bella spent her time with her friends eagerly awaiting who her adviser was.

And the day arrived. She opens her email first thing in the morning.

‘Dear Bella,

I am delighted to inform you that you have been accepted into Prof. Rutherford’s group.
Note assignment decisions were made based on the three choices you submitted, availability of funding, and departmental needs.
Please, contact him at your earliest convenience to discuss details.

Best wishes,’

Oh shiiiiittttttttt!!!!!!!!!!

She knew she couldn’t do anything now. This is for life! She suddenly remembered his last words to her. It stung her that she will have to bear his glare for the next 5 years of her life under him.

The next morning she booked a meeting with him. Nervous as hell, she was hoping he wouldn’t behave like he did last time and spare the staring and glaring and smirking and smiling and heavy breathing and what not. She just wanted to thank him and get out.

‘Come in Bella. take a seat.’ Arthur was rather firm than calm.

‘Arthur I wanna thank you for  …’

‘I see you put my name on the 3rd place.’ He interrupted.

She was taken aback. ‘What is he talking about? How does it even matter now. Does it?’

‘Bella, do I look like someone to be put on the 3rd place?’ He went on.

‘I was confused becau….’ He did not let Bella make her point again. He was not smirking or smiling or glaring. He was pretty straight. Pretty intimidating.

Bella fell into a shell. She did not know what to say. She stood there looking down.

‘Its ok, we will be having our first meeting next week sometime. You will be notified. You may go now.’

She felt like shit. And was walking out when,

‘And Bella, don’t repeat it again.’

Did he just hiss at me? Was it a taunt? Gawd! How am I going to live like this?

That was Arthur’s first sting to poor Bella. But why did he get mad? Like he wanted to have her and was upset  he would lose her because of a stupid list. Was he warning her to not try to make a mistake that would make him loose her?





The Interview

Chapter 4

Bella snapped out of his gaze and looked down.

‘What was that? How weird.’ She thought looking down at the floor.

‘So Bella, lets see what we have for you. We have funding for the battery project and for the oil and gas project.’

‘Prof, I’m interested in the battery project. I am interested in putting your name on the list.’ A PhD student had to chose three professor’s research in the order of preference and submit it to the department. Depending on funding availability and a faculty discussion the students are allotted their advisers.

As soon as Bella said she was interested in him he stared into her eyes.Suddenly everything blacked out. As though it was just him and her. No table, no furniture, no flower vase, no light. Just the two.

‘What is he thinking? Such a pervert!’ She rebuked him in her head but her cheeks said another story. They blushed. ‘Why am I even thinking of putting his name in the list if he is never gonna stop checking me out!’

He was the best in the department. Period.

He noticed the flush in her cheeks. He smirked. ‘She needs to work on her body-mind coordination for professional meetings. Such an amateur.’ He thought.

The meeting went for an hour where he explained the project to her. He was pleasantly surprised by her attentiveness and curiosity. Bella was taking notes, listening carefully like the good student she always was. Knowledge flowed from his mouth and she assimilated everything like sauce on bread. When she would take notes, it would leave Arthur sometime to gaze at her and think what kind of girl she must be. Its just what he does. He wants to know everything and everybody. Their deepest feelings, their thinking pattern. ‘What color panties is she wearing? Wait, wrong territory. We just met…. She seems way too soft and supple. I mean just look at that face. Anybody would stamp over her and she wouldn’t even hustle. Too meek a meat for me.’ He was berating her in his thoughts, but then. ‘Why am I thinking about her so sexually?’

It had been a long time since he had thought about someone in that light. ‘She certainly piqued my interest.’ he agreed.

The meeting came to an end and so did Bella’s comfort. She was comfortable while there was science in the air. But now there was silence. Arthur knows how to keep a straight face even when he is thinking about anal BDSM. That’s his forte.

‘Thank you Prof Rutherford. I have a very good idea about your project now.’ She tried to end the meeting.

‘Call me Arthur.’

She smiled, ‘Ok, Arthur. I will see you soon.’

‘You will be taking my mass-transfer class the coming semester, won’t you?’

‘Yes, its a required subject. I will have to  take it.’

Upon hearing this, Arthur leaned back on his seat, took a good look at the masterpiece in front of him, from head to toe and back. Took a deep breath and released slowly making a husky noise and gave a sly smile. ‘I will be looking forward for spending the next semester with you and possibly the next five years of our lives, Ms Stein.’ He concluded.

Bella felt a tinge in her pussy. It contracted involuntarily. She couldn’t move. She just stood there transfixed looking at him as if she were a doll and his eyes were the remote control.







First Look

Chapter 3

She only knew that he was good in mass transfer and math. ‘Well he has to be if he wanted this job, duhh!’, she thought to herself. ‘He looks kinda good on the website, sharp features.’, she continued thinking about him. ‘Stop it Bella! He is twice your age!’, she controlled her ever so fleeting mind and smiled while shaking her head so as to say ‘I can never stop you from flying all over the place’. LoL

Her meeting with Prof Rutherford was scheduled at 10 am. Mary was his assistant. Dark haired, athletic body, tall and aah such tall heels! Bella imagined how painful it must be to be in those shoes. ‘Do those hurt?’, she asked Mary.

‘Oh these are not even heels for me! I usually wear 6 inch Louboutins.’

‘He will see you now’. She got back to her work.

‘Ok. Lets see how he is. He seems cold and sharp. I do find his research interesting though. But his demeanor is deathly. I need someone who will work and discuss with  me and not tell me what I should do and run off to the Carribean’. Her thoughts were unsure, but again when is she sure of someone.

Unassumingly, leaving everything to fate she went into her office. She wore her body hugging jeans showing off her beautiful curves, her hair tied in a high ponytail, a black sleeveless top with a V neck, just peeking into her big soft bosoms. Bella had a face you would look twice at just to make sure if she is really that beautiful. She had swan like eyes, which she lined thinly with a black liner close to her lash line to emphasize her eye curvature. Deep brown eyes that twinkled with her innocent smile. A small straight  nose. Her lips bloomed like rose buds whenever she spoke. Blushed and illuminated cheekbones that would even make Gisele Bundchen take notice.She had long tresses, soft and silky. Her beauty was a pure magical ocean you wouldn’t think twice before diving into.

‘Hi, You must be Bella. Have a seat.’ he said with a sweet smile on his face.

‘Thank you.’

He was dressed to the T as if going to a fancy French restaurant. Dark grey coat. Crisp white tea. A warm grey-red scarf. Haired gelled and pulled back. He looked younger…more like early 30s. Broad forehead, taut sharp features. And then Bella’s eyes looked into his.


Something caught her attention. Something caught his attention.

His eyes. Her eyes.

There was a momentary lock. Like time stood still.

‘How deep and piercing. Why does he look so dangerous’. She immediately felt intimidated. Just by one look.

‘How soft are those eyes. Why doesn’t she have a guard on? She seems easy to slip into’. He lost his guard momentarily. He was shocked to feel such vulnerability in one look.

What was this unspoken magic happening? Like a force, an energy going from her to him and from him to her like magnetic force lines. Everything was ok 5 minutes ago. And now why does everything seem so sensitive?

Reality kicked in and they realized they were two individuals who wanted to work with each other. Right feeling. Wrong situation.


The Scorpio

Chapter 2

Arthur Rutherford. A 40 something old millionaire had been teaching at Columbia for the past 6 years. Was originally the Head of Department at University of California, Berkeley. Some say he got bored of it and traveled east coast in search of new ideas, new toys and new research. And boy, did he found a new toy! Within 3 years of his path breaking work on Zinc Bromine batteries, he gave birth to his third company East Urban Enerjee Corp.

Columbia was proud to have a new member from the Elite group. But not all of the faculty were impressed. Some were outright jealous because of his achievements at such a tender age. The women were crazy about him though. A single middle aged millionaire. What more do you want! Plus he’s smart as fuck. His primary interest, as shown on his website, is in mass transfer based problems, but that is only for people who don’t know him very well.

His colleagues say that they have never met a man as passionate as him. Answering emails at 3 am in the morning, group meetings that go out 10 pm, grueling presentations with his students, breathtaking conversations at conferences and in the classrooms. The intensity of his word, the depth of his thought, his piercing stare at the problem and sometimes at his people, everything made him an idol.

But there was another side to his personality. A side only his closest of associates and family knew. His first company in early 2005 was going through some rocky times. Arthur would stay up all night worried and calling everyone to somehow not make the company go down in the drain or be bought up by another giant. In those trying times, one his closest associates, Mathew Miller, left his side and ditched him. He went onto join the rival company and traded Arthur’s secrets. Arthur was devastated! He was hurt. But only for a fraction of a second. His rage took over his beaten heart in a jiffy. Eyes like flaming fire, he vowed to destroy not just Mathew but his company as well. He formed a team of his closest confidantes, brainstormed on every possible scenario and worked and worked for hours! Arthur finally got his way with sweat and blood. He bought the rival company and Mathew lost his job. Oh boy, if you think that was enough you were wrong!


Mathew saw his wife being more distant from him than usual. One night after looking for jobs everywhere he came home to weird noises from his bedroom. He opened the door and to his horror saw his wife being fucked mercilessly by 6 big black cocks. Four of them caught hold of him and made him watch his wife drool and enjoy all night. She had never been so satisfied in her life and was making sure the whole neighborhood knew it!

After they left in the morning with his wife and looting his house, Mathew got a phone call. ‘Now the hurt is equal.’ Hung up. He knew who it was. Mathew now works at KFC in Kentucky.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet our Scorpio, Arthur Rutherford.