The Scorpio Sting

Chapter 5


Bella spent the whole night and the next few days thinking about whether to put Arthur on the list or no. Every time Arthur’s face would come up in her mind, she would feel terribly embarrassed. ‘What was he thinking? What did he mean? I cannot get him at all! If this is going to be the case I better put his name in the 3rd place.’

And that’s what she did. His name was last on the list. She hoped she would get prof Marquie or Prof Badden. She lived on hope. The next few days our dear Bella spent her time with her friends eagerly awaiting who her adviser was.

And the day arrived. She opens her email first thing in the morning.

‘Dear Bella,

I am delighted to inform you that you have been accepted into Prof. Rutherford’s group.
Note assignment decisions were made based on the three choices you submitted, availability of funding, and departmental needs.
Please, contact him at your earliest convenience to discuss details.

Best wishes,’

Oh shiiiiittttttttt!!!!!!!!!!

She knew she couldn’t do anything now. This is for life! She suddenly remembered his last words to her. It stung her that she will have to bear his glare for the next 5 years of her life under him.

The next morning she booked a meeting with him. Nervous as hell, she was hoping he wouldn’t behave like he did last time and spare the staring and glaring and smirking and smiling and heavy breathing and what not. She just wanted to thank him and get out.

‘Come in Bella. take a seat.’ Arthur was rather firm than calm.

‘Arthur I wanna thank you for  …’

‘I see you put my name on the 3rd place.’ He interrupted.

She was taken aback. ‘What is he talking about? How does it even matter now. Does it?’

‘Bella, do I look like someone to be put on the 3rd place?’ He went on.

‘I was confused becau….’ He did not let Bella make her point again. He was not smirking or smiling or glaring. He was pretty straight. Pretty intimidating.

Bella fell into a shell. She did not know what to say. She stood there looking down.

‘Its ok, we will be having our first meeting next week sometime. You will be notified. You may go now.’

She felt like shit. And was walking out when,

‘And Bella, don’t repeat it again.’

Did he just hiss at me? Was it a taunt? Gawd! How am I going to live like this?

That was Arthur’s first sting to poor Bella. But why did he get mad? Like he wanted to have her and was upset  he would lose her because of a stupid list. Was he warning her to not try to make a mistake that would make him loose her?





Author: scorpiopisceslove

A scientist pouring her heart into a story she wish she had in real life.

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