Tempest Rising

Chapter 1


It seemed like a normal sunrise. You could trust the waves to carry you to the shore. No warning signs. Serene and calm she rose from her sleep. ‘Being conscious is what creates more turbulence in me’, she thought. She was the Fish, the queen of the seven seas, ruler of the underworld, the ether in the space of dreams. She was Bella.


There lying in a tender soft body in an Upper west side apartment in New York City was her unbounded mind. As everyday, she again found herself on the interface between a dream and reality. But no dreams today sweet jelly! Today was a big day! She passed her PhD qualifiers like a knife through butter. She always knew she could do this. It was her life goal after all. To be better than what she was. To be smarter. To be resourceful. She knew she was so much more, if only words were more enough!

She wanted to work with Prof Badden. Not because he was cute and she liked his research (he was, terribly!), but because he was the sweetest and smartest of all of them in the Chemical engineering department at Columbia. She was heartbroken about the fact that he could not possible accept one because of scanty funding. Prof Marqui was her second choice. She was a kind lady, swift, adept and oh so efficient! But Mrs Marqui disliked math. Lol. ‘I think I’m already smarter than her’, Bella thought. ‘No, I’m not being sexist! I just think I need to work under someone better than me, that’s all.’, she explained herself. Oh Bells! who is left for you now?

A certain Prof Rutherford.




Author: scorpiopisceslove

A scientist pouring her heart into a story she wish she had in real life.

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