The Interview

Chapter 4


Bella snapped out of his gaze and looked down.

‘What was that? How weird.’ She thought looking down at the floor.

‘So Bella, lets see what we have for you. We have funding for the battery project and for the oil and gas project.’

‘Prof, I’m interested in the battery project. I am interested in putting your name on the list.’ A PhD student had to chose three professor’s research in the order of preference and submit it to the department. Depending on funding availability and a faculty discussion the students are allotted their advisers.

As soon as Bella said she was interested in him he stared into her eyes.Suddenly everything blacked out. As though it was just him and her. No table, no furniture, no flower vase, no light. Just the two.

‘What is he thinking? Such a pervert!’ She rebuked him in her head but her cheeks said another story. They blushed. ‘Why am I even thinking of putting his name in the list if he is never gonna stop checking me out!’

He was the best in the department. Period.

He noticed the flush in her cheeks. He smirked. ‘She needs to work on her body-mind coordination for professional meetings. Such an amateur.’ He thought.

The meeting went for an hour where he explained the project to her. He was pleasantly surprised by her attentiveness and curiosity. Bella was taking notes, listening carefully like the good student she always was. Knowledge flowed from his mouth and she assimilated everything like sauce on bread. When she would take notes, it would leave Arthur sometime to gaze at her and think what kind of girl she must be. Its just what he does. He wants to know everything and everybody. Their deepest feelings, their thinking pattern. ‘What color panties is she wearing? Wait, wrong territory. We just met…. She seems way too soft and supple. I mean just look at that face. Anybody would stamp over her and she wouldn’t even hustle. Too meek a meat for me.’ He was berating her in his thoughts, but then. ‘Why am I thinking about her so sexually?’

It had been a long time since he had thought about someone in that light. ‘She certainly piqued my interest.’ he agreed.

The meeting came to an end and so did Bella’s comfort. She was comfortable while there was science in the air. But now there was silence. Arthur knows how to keep a straight face even when he is thinking about anal BDSM. That’s his forte.

‘Thank you Prof Rutherford. I have a very good idea about your project now.’ She tried to end the meeting.

‘Call me Arthur.’

She smiled, ‘Ok, Arthur. I will see you soon.’

‘You will be taking my mass-transfer class the coming semester, won’t you?’

‘Yes, its a required subject. I will have to ┬átake it.’

Upon hearing this, Arthur leaned back on his seat, took a good look at the masterpiece in front of him, from head to toe and back. Took a deep breath and released slowly making a husky noise and gave a sly smile. ‘I will be looking forward for spending the next semester with you and possibly the next five years of our lives, Ms Stein.’ He concluded.

Bella felt a tinge in her pussy. It contracted involuntarily. She couldn’t move. She just stood there transfixed looking at him as if she were a doll and his eyes were the remote control.







Author: scorpiopisceslove

A scientist pouring her heart into a story she wish she had in real life.

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