The Scorpio

Chapter 2


Arthur Rutherford. A 40 something old millionaire had been teaching at Columbia for the past 6 years. Was originally the Head of Department at University of California, Berkeley. Some say he got bored of it and traveled east coast in search of new ideas, new toys and new research. And boy, did he found a new toy! Within 3 years of his path breaking work on Zinc Bromine batteries, he gave birth to his third company East Urban Enerjee Corp.

Columbia was proud to have a new member from the Elite group. But not all of the faculty were impressed. Some were outright jealous because of his achievements at such a tender age. The women were crazy about him though. A single middle aged millionaire. What more do you want! Plus he’s smart as fuck. His primary interest, as shown on his website, is in mass transfer based problems, but that is only for people who don’t know him very well.

His colleagues say that they have never met a man as passionate as him. Answering emails at 3 am in the morning, group meetings that go out 10 pm, grueling presentations with his students, breathtaking conversations at conferences and in the classrooms. The intensity of his word, the depth of his thought, his piercing stare at the problem and sometimes at his people, everything made him an idol.

But there was another side to his personality. A side only his closest of associates and family knew. His first company in early 2005 was going through some rocky times. Arthur would stay up all night worried and calling everyone to somehow not make the company go down in the drain or be bought up by another giant. In those trying times, one his closest associates, Mathew Miller, left his side and ditched him. He went onto join the rival company and traded Arthur’s secrets. Arthur was devastated! He was hurt. But only for a fraction of a second. His rage took over his beaten heart in a jiffy. Eyes like flaming fire, he vowed to destroy not just Mathew but his company as well. He formed a team of his closest confidantes, brainstormed on every possible scenario and worked and worked for hours! Arthur finally got his way with sweat and blood. He bought the rival company and Mathew lost his job. Oh boy, if you think that was enough you were wrong!


Mathew saw his wife being more distant from him than usual. One night after looking for jobs everywhere he came home to weird noises from his bedroom. He opened the door and to his horror saw his wife being fucked mercilessly by 6 big black cocks. Four of them caught hold of him and made him watch his wife drool and enjoy all night. She had never been so satisfied in her life and was making sure the whole neighborhood knew it!

After they left in the morning with his wife and looting his house, Mathew got a phone call. ‘Now the hurt is equal.’ Hung up. He knew who it was. Mathew now works at KFC in Kentucky.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet our Scorpio, Arthur Rutherford.






Author: scorpiopisceslove

A scientist pouring her heart into a story she wish she had in real life.

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