First Look

Chapter 3


She only knew that he was good in mass transfer and math. ‘Well he has to be if he wanted this job, duhh!’, she thought to herself. ‘He looks kinda good on the website, sharp features.’, she continued thinking about him. ‘Stop it Bella! He is twice your age!’, she controlled her ever so fleeting mind and smiled while shaking her head so as to say ‘I can never stop you from flying all over the place’. LoL

Her meeting with Prof Rutherford was scheduled at 10 am. Mary was his assistant. Dark haired, athletic body, tall and aah such tall heels! Bella imagined how painful it must be to be in those shoes. ‘Do those hurt?’, she asked Mary.

‘Oh these are not even heels for me! I usually wear 6 inch Louboutins.’

‘He will see you now’. She got back to her work.

‘Ok. Lets see how he is. He seems cold and sharp. I do find his research interesting though. But his demeanor is deathly. I need someone who will work and discuss with ┬áme and not tell me what I should do and run off to the Carribean’. Her thoughts were unsure, but again when is she sure of someone.

Unassumingly, leaving everything to fate she went into her office. She wore her body hugging jeans showing off her beautiful curves, her hair tied in a high ponytail, a black sleeveless top with a V neck, just peeking into her big soft bosoms. Bella had a face you would look twice at just to make sure if she is really that beautiful. She had swan like eyes, which she lined thinly with a black liner close to her lash line to emphasize her eye curvature. Deep brown eyes that twinkled with her innocent smile. A small straight ┬ánose. Her lips bloomed like rose buds whenever she spoke. Blushed and illuminated cheekbones that would even make Gisele Bundchen take notice.She had long tresses, soft and silky. Her beauty was a pure magical ocean you wouldn’t think twice before diving into.

‘Hi, You must be Bella. Have a seat.’ he said with a sweet smile on his face.

‘Thank you.’

He was dressed to the T as if going to a fancy French restaurant. Dark grey coat. Crisp white tea. A warm grey-red scarf. Haired gelled and pulled back. He looked younger…more like early 30s. Broad forehead, taut sharp features. And then Bella’s eyes looked into his.


Something caught her attention. Something caught his attention.

His eyes. Her eyes.

There was a momentary lock. Like time stood still.

‘How deep and piercing. Why does he look so dangerous’. She immediately felt intimidated. Just by one look.

‘How soft are those eyes. Why doesn’t she have a guard on? She seems easy to slip into’. He lost his guard momentarily. He was shocked to feel such vulnerability in one look.

What was this unspoken magic happening? Like a force, an energy going from her to him and from him to her like magnetic force lines. Everything was ok 5 minutes ago. And now why does everything seem so sensitive?

Reality kicked in and they realized they were two individuals who wanted to work with each other. Right feeling. Wrong situation.


Author: scorpiopisceslove

A scientist pouring her heart into a story she wish she had in real life.

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